Sony BMG Music Entm’t v. Tenenbaum

Docket Number: 12-2146
Judge: Howard
Opinion Date: June 25, 2013

From 1999 to at least 2007, Defendant illegally downloaded and distributed copyrighted music without authorization. In 2007, a group of recording companies (collectively, “Sony”) filed this action against Defendant under the Copyright Act, seeking damages and injunctive relief. Sony pursued claims for thirty copyrighted works, although Defendant allegedly distributed far more than that amount. After a trial, the jury awarded $675,000 in damages, which represented $22,500 for each of thirty songs whose copyright Defendant violated. Defendant appealed, arguing that the award was so large that it violated his constitutional due process rights. The First Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed, holding that the jury’s award did not violate Defendant’s right to due process. View “Sony BMG Music Entm’t v. Tenenbaum” on Justia Law

View "Sony BMG Music Entm’t v. Tenenbaum" on Justia Law

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