Copyright Regulations

Proposed Rule - Mandatory Deposit of Electronic-Only Books

Section 407 of the Copyright Act requires the mandatory deposit with the Copyright Office (``Office'') of all works published in the United States, within three months of publication, for use by the Library of Congress (``Library''). The Office is allowed to exclude certain classes of works from thi

Rule - Group Registration of Newspapers

The U.S. Copyright Office is amending its regulation governing the group registration option for newspapers. The final rule will make a number of changes to reflect current Office practices, improve the efficiency of the registration process, and encourage broader participation in the registration s

Notice - Notice of Intent To Audit

The Copyright Royalty Judges announce receipt of three notices of intent to audit the 2013, 2014, and 2015 statements of account submitted by commercial webcaster and broadcaster Alpha Media LLC and by commercial webcasters Google Inc. and Music Choice \1\ concerning royalty payments each made pursu

Proposed Rule - Statutory Cable, Satellite, and DART License Reporting Practices

The United States Copyright Office is extending the deadlines for the submission of written comments in response to its December 1, 2017 notice of proposed rulemaking concerning the royalty reporting practices of cable operators under section 111 and proposed revisions to the Statement of Account fo

Rule - Secure Tests

The U.S. Copyright Office is issuing an update to its interim rule, issued June 12, 2017, governing registration of secure tests. Based on the initial comments received on that interim rule, the Office has determined that there is an immediate need to establish a new group registration option for se