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Court Order Complaint to Google

To: Google LLC From: Amy Feldman d. Plaintiff may serve this injunction on any Internet search engines with a request that they permanently disable, de-index or delist the specific URLs identified on Schedule "C" hereto, based upon Defendants' unlawful activities being conducted via the Subject Doma

Do you think it was fair use?

We've all seen art at least once in our lives. Whether it's at an art museum or whether it's in a book, art is abundant and around. But did you know that art can be copyrighted? Even if it's a single painting, it can still be copyrighted under federal law. Paintings and other forms of […] The

Copyright case: Media Rights Technologies Inc. v. Microsoft Corp., USA

Robert B. BarnettDismissal on claim preclusion grounds of suit brought by Media Rights Technologies, Inc., mostly affirmed, but reversed as to products that Microsoft sold after the date when MRT filed a patent infringement suit against Microsoft involving the same set of operative facts, which had

Hollywood Reporter: Litigious Malibu Media Being Sued

Malibu Media LLC has filed thousands of John Doe lawsuits accusing internet users of illegally downloading their adult videos through file-sharing services such as BitTorrent. Ironically, this incredibly litigious company is now being sued by their own financiers. According to a recent article publi