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Bitcoin – A Bit Shady

Determining the meaning and value of the cryptocurrency By Kurt Leyendecker I am confused. Very confused. You see, I had a silly idea to write an article about the trademark rights associated with BITCOIN. I think I have less of an understanding of all things Bitcoin now than I did before I began my

Around the IP Blogs!

 As the January blues have seriously started to kick in, the IPKat is in search of some excitement around the IP blogland. Stay warm and cozy, Kat friends!IPKat doesn't mind a duvet day!The 1709 Blog discusses the proposed Music Modernization Act in the U.S., directed to an overhaul o

La mort de la doctrine de la promesse!

La « doctrine de la promesse » est une « invention » des tribunaux canadiens. Selon cette doctrine, si une demande de brevet promet une utilité précise, c'est seulement si cette promesse est tenue que l'invention peut avoir l'utilité requise. Cette doctrine, q