Yesh Music, et al. v. Lakewood Church, et al.

Docket Number: 12-20520
Judge: Davis
Opinion Date: August 14, 2013

Plaintiff, a general partnership comprised of two musicians, filed suit alleging copyright infringement against defendant, Lakewood Church, over the use of a song entitled, “Signaling Through the Flames.” Plaintiff later voluntarily dismissed the complaint without prejudice. Subsequently, plaintiff filed a motion to vacate its voluntary dismissal under Rule 60(b), which the district court granted. Defendant appealed. The court affirmed the judgment, concluding that a voluntary dismissal without prejudice was a final proceeding under Rule 60(b) and the district court did not abuse its discretion in dismissing the case. View “Yesh Music, et al. v. Lakewood Church, et al.” on Justia Law

View "Yesh Music, et al. v. Lakewood Church, et al." on Justia Law

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