West Pub. Co. v. Lawyers’ Co-operative Pub. Co.

Citation: 79 F. 756
Opinion Year: 1897

West, the publisher of legal reports containing the opinions of various courts, with syllabi and statements of facts, sued Lawyers’ Co-operative the publisher of a rival series of reports containing selected opinions, edited, with syllabi and statements of facts. West contended that in preparing the paragraphs which stated the law or facts in cases digested in Lawyers’ Co-operative’s publication, its editors had substantially appropriated the labors of West’s editors to such an extent as to infringe complainant’s copyrights. The court found that nearly 6,000 cases protected by copyright, were digested by Lawyers’ Co-operative and that the whole work, or so much of it as is tainted by the workmanship of the unfair use, should be enjoined.

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