TCA Television Corp. v. McCollum

Docket Number: 16-134
Judge: Reena Raggi
Opinion Date: October 11, 2016

In this copyright infringement suit, plaintiffs challenged the district court’s determination that defendants’ verbatim use of a portion of Abbott and Costello’s iconic comedy routine, “Who’s on First?,” in the recent Broadway play “Hand to God,” qualified as a non‐infringing fair use. The court concluded that defendants’ entitlement to a fair use defense was not so clearly established on the face of the amended complaint and its incorporated exhibits as to support dismissal. In this case, defendants’ verbatim use of the routine was not transformative, defendants failed persuasively to justify their use of the routine, defendants’ use of some dozen of the routine’s variations of “who’s on first” was excessive in relation to any dramatic purpose, and plaintiffs alleged an active secondary market for the work, which was not considered by the district court. The court concluded, however, that the dismissal is warranted because plaintiffs failed to plausibly plead ownership of a valid copyright. The court found plaintiffs’ efforts to do so on theories of assignment, work‐for‐hire, and merger all fail as a matter of law. Accordingly, the court affirmed the judgment. View “TCA Television Corp. v. McCollum” on Justia Law

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