T-Peg, Inc. v. VT Timber Works, Inc.

Docket Number: 10-2234
Judge: Thompson
Opinion Date: February 16, 2012

The owner consulted with two architectural firms, T-Peg and VTW. T-Peg drew up a preliminary design then worked with the owner to refine the design. In 2001, T-Peg registered its design with the Copyright Office. Meanwhile, in 2000, the owner showed T-Peg’s unregistered preliminary design to VTW, which began working on its own design. VTW completed its plan in 2002 with significant, minutely detailed input from the owner. Completed construction apparently reflected T-Peg’s registered design. In a suit for copyright infringement, the court granted summary judgment for VTW and the owner, concluding that no reasonable jury could find that T-Peg’s and VTW’s designs were substantially similar. The First Circuit reversed and, following trial, the jury found in VTW’s favor and rejected T-Peg’s infringement claims. VTW sought fees of more than $200,000 under 17 U.S.C. 505. The district court granted VTW a fee award of $35,000. The First Circuit affirmed, finding that the district court adequately elaborated its reasoning. View “T-Peg, Inc. v. VT Timber Works, Inc.” on Justia Law

View "T-Peg, Inc. v. VT Timber Works, Inc." on Justia Law

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