Smith v., LLC

Docket Number: 15-3508
Judge: Dennis G. Jacobs
Opinion Date: October 6, 2016

Plaintiff, the widow of Louis K. Smith, who authored and copyrighted a book entitled “The Hardscrabble Zone,” filed suit alleging direct and contributory copyright infringement by Barnes & Noble. Barnes & Noble, under license, uploads books and book samples to digital “lockers” that it maintains for its individual customers. When the license granted by Smith was terminated, Barnes & Noble did not delete a sample of Smith’s book. The court concluded that, because the agreement does not provide for the license in the sample to terminate after the sample has been distributed, plaintiff cannot sustain her burden to prove that providing cloud‐based access to validly obtained samples is beyond the scope of the license agreement. Therefore, the court concluded that the conduct at issue was authorized by the relevant contracts between the parties and affirmed the judgment. View “Smith v., LLC” on Justia Law

View "Smith v., LLC" on Justia Law

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