Skidmore v. Zeppelin

Docket Number: 16-56057
Judge: M. Margaret McKeown
Opinion Date: March 9, 2020

The estate of guitarist Randy Wolfe filed suit claiming that Led Zeppelin copied portions of Taurus, a song written by Wolfe and performed by his band Spirit, in Led Zeppelin’s opening notes of Stairway to Heaven.

The en banc court affirmed the district court’s judgment after a jury trial in favor of Led Zeppelin, holding that the 1909 Copyright Act, which does not protect sound recordings, controlled its analysis. In this case, Taurus was an unpublished work registered in 1967. Because the deposit copy defines the four corners of the Taurus copyright, the en banc court held that it was not error for the district court to decline plaintiff’s request to play the sound recordings of the Taurus performance that contain further embellishments or to admit the recordings on the issue of substantial similarity.

The en banc court also held that plaintiff’s complaint on access was moot. The en banc court affirmed the district court’s challenged jury instructions; rejected the inverse ratio rule, overruling circuit precedent to the contrary; and held that the district court did not err in its formulation of the originality instructions, or in excluding a selection and arrangement instruction. Finally, the en banc court affirmed the district court with respect to the remaining trial issues and its denial of attorneys’ fees and costs to Warner/Chappell. View “Skidmore v. Zeppelin” on Justia Law

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