Oracle USA v. Rimini Street

Docket Number: 16-16832
Judge: Fogel
Opinion Date: January 8, 2018

Oracle filed a copyright infringement suit against Rimini, a provider of third-party support for Oracle’s enterprise software, and Rimini’s CEO. The Ninth Circuit affirmed partial summary judgment and partial judgment after trial on Oracle’s claims that Rimini infringed its copyright by copying under the license of one customer for work performed for other existing customers or for unknown or future customers; reversed judgment after trial in regard to Oracle’s claims under the California Comprehensive Data Access and Fraud Act (CDAFA), the Nevada Computer Crimes Law (NCCL), and California’s Unfair Competition Law (UCL), because taking data from a website, using a method prohibited by the applicable terms of use, when the taking itself generally was permitted, did not violate the CDAFA or the NCCL; reversed the determination that Rimini violated the UCL; reduced the award of damages based on Rimini’s alleged violation of the CDAFA and NCCL; affirmed the award of prejudgment interest on the copyright claims; reversed the permanent injunction based on violations of the CDAFA; vacated the permanent injunction based on copyright infringement; reversed with respect to the CEO’s liability for attorneys’ fees; vacated the fee award and remanded for reconsideration; reduced the award of taxable costs; and affirmed the award of non-taxable costs. View “Oracle USA v. Rimini Street” on Justia Law

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