Oracle America, Inc. v. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.

Docket Number: 19-15506
Judge: Milan D. Smith
Opinion Date: August 20, 2020

Oracle, owner of the proprietary Solaris software operating system, filed suit alleging that HPE improperly accessed, downloaded, copied, and installed Solaris patches on servers not under an Oracle support contract. Oracle asserted direct copyright infringement claims for HPE’s direct support customers, and indirect infringement claims for joint HPE-Terix customers. The district court granted summary judgment for HPE.

The Ninth Circuit held that the copyright infringement claim is subject to the Copyright Act’s three year statute of limitations, which runs separately for each violation. The panel explained that Oracle’s constructive knowledge triggered the statute of limitations and Oracle failed to conduct a reasonable investigation into the suspected infringement. The panel also held that the intentional interference with prospective economic advantage claim is barred by California’s two year statute of limitations. Therefore, the panel affirmed the district court’s partial summary judgment for HPE on the infringement and intentional interference claims. The panel also affirmed in part summary judgment on the indirect infringement claims for patch installations by Terix; reversed summary judgment on all infringement claims for pre-installation conduct and on the direct infringement claims for unauthorized patch installations by HPE; and addressed all other issues in a concurrently filed memorandum opinion. View “Oracle America, Inc. v. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.” on Justia Law

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