Music Choice v. Copyright Royalty Board

Docket Number: 19-1011
Judge: Rao
Opinion Date: August 18, 2020

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), a lower grandfathered royalty rate is paid by some music services that were early providers of digital music transmissions. Music Choice, a digital broadcast music service that consists of several cable television channels, challenges the Board’s final determination, which excludes Music Choice’s internet transmissions from the grandfathered rate and also adopts more stringent audit requirements.

The DC Circuit held that the Board’s categorical exclusion of Music Choice’s internet transmissions from the grandfathered rate conflicts with the unambiguous language of the DMCA. The court explained that, pursuant to the DMCA, Music Choice’s internet transmissions are eligible for the grandfathered rate to the extent they were part of its service offering on July 31, 1998. However, the Board retains discretion to determine whether parts of Music Choice’s current service offering, which includes mobile applications and internet-exclusive channels, should be excluded from the grandfathered rate. The court also held that the Board acted arbitrarily and capriciously in altering the audit standards applicable to Music Choice. Therefore, the court vacated the relevant parts of the final determination, remanding for the Board to determine whether Music Choice’s internet transmissions qualified for the grandfathered rate and to reconsider the amended audit procedure. View “Music Choice v. Copyright Royalty Board” on Justia Law

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