Kaffaga v. The Estate of Thomas Steinbeck

Docket Number: 18-55336
Judge: Richard C. Tallman
Opinion Date: September 9, 2019

This appeal stemmed from the parties’ longstanding dispute over the literary works of John Steinbeck. In this case, a federal jury in Los Angeles unanimously awarded plaintiff, as executrix of Elaine’s estate (Elaine was the widow of Steinbeck), compensatory damages for slander of title, breach of contract, and tortious interference with economic advantage, and punitive damages against defendants.

Determining that it had jurisdiction, the Ninth Circuit affirmed the orders granting summary judgment and striking defendants’ defenses to tortious interference on grounds of collateral estoppel. Furthermore, the panel explained that it follows that the district court’s decisions to exclude evidence related to defendants’ different understanding of the agreement at issue or the validity of the prior court decisions were not abuses of discretion. The panel affirmed the compensatory damages award, holding that the record contained substantial evidence to support the awards on each cause of action independently. Furthermore, the compensatory damages were not speculative. The panel held that there was more than ample evidence of defendants’ malice in the record to support the jury’s verdict, thus triggering entitlement to punitive damages. However, the panel vacated and remanded with instructions to dismiss the punitive damages claims against Gail, Steinbeck’s daughter-in-law, based on lack of meaningful evidence of Gail’s financial condition and her ability to pay. View “Kaffaga v. The Estate of Thomas Steinbeck” on Justia Law

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