Jordan-Benel v. Universal City Studios, Inc.

Docket Number: 15-56045
Judge: Pregerson
Opinion Date: June 20, 2017

Plaintiff filed suit against various defendants in the film industry, alleging copyright and state law claims, including breach of implied-in-fact contract and declaratory relief. Plaintiff alleged that defendants used his screenplay idea to create “The Purge” films without providing him compensation or credit as a writer. The Ninth Circuit affirmed the denial of defendants’ anti-SLAPP motion to strike the state law claims. In this case, plaintiff’s implied-in-fact contract claim did not arise from protected free speech activity because the claim was based on defendants’ failure to pay for the use of plaintiff’s idea, not the creation, production, distribution, or content of the films. The panel also held that defendants’ failure to pay was not conduct in furtherance of the right to free speech. View “Jordan-Benel v. Universal City Studios, Inc.” on Justia Law

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