Infogroup, Inc. v. LLC

Docket Number: 18-3723
Judge: William Duane Benton
Opinion Date: April 27, 2020

The Eighth Circuit affirmed judgments against DatabaseUSA for copyright infringement and Vinod Gupta for breach of contract. After Gupta founded Infogroup, he and the company entered a separation agreement. Then Gupta found DatabaseUSA two years later.

The court held that a reasonable juror, based on the evidence at trial, could have found Infogroup owned a valid copyright; a reasonable juror could have concluded that DatabaseUSA copied the original elements of Infogroup’s work; and, because of spoliation, DatabaseUSA’s two arguments against copying fail. Finally, the court affirmed the $11.2 million award for the copyright infringement claim and the $10 million award for the breach of contract claim. View “Infogroup, Inc. v. LLC” on Justia Law

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