Hornady Manufacturing Co. v. Doubletap

Docket Number: 13-4085
Judge: Kelly
Opinion Date: March 19, 2014

Plaintiff–Appellant Hornady Manufacturing Company, Inc., appealed a district court order granting summary judgment to Defendant–Appellee DoubleTap, Inc., on Hornady’s trademark infringement claims. Hornady manufactured and sold firearm ammunition and related products. Since 1997, Hornady sold various products under the name “TAP,” short for “Tactical Application Police.” Hornady acquired trademark registration for the nonstylized word mark, “TAP.” Photographs in the record indicated that the packaging for Hornady’s products conspicuously features the TAP mark, both as a stand-alone mark and as incorporated within a shield resembling a police officer’s badge. DoubleTap has been described as a “niche” ammunition manufacturer. Photographs in the record indicated that, as of 2006, packaging for DoubleTap’s products displayed its mark as two separate words, “Double Tap,” within a blue oval and flanked to the left by two bullet holes. Both parties moved for summary judgment, arguing that they were entitled to judgment as a matter of law on whether DoubleTap infringed on Hornady’s TAP mark. Reviewing the record de novo, the Tenth Circuit held hold that two factors, strength of the mark and similarity of products and marketing, favored Hornady. The remaining four factors favored DoubleTap. “The tilt of the scales does not determine the issue. However, the key inquiry, the similarity of the marks, strongly favors DoubleTap.” Hornady failed to raise a genuine factual issue regarding the likelihood of confusion, and the district court properly awarded summary judgment to DoubleTap. View “Hornady Manufacturing Co. v. Doubletap” on Justia Law

View "Hornady Manufacturing Co. v. Doubletap" on Justia Law

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