Fahmy v. Jay-Z

Docket Number: 16-55213
Judge: Carlos T. Bea
Opinion Date: May 31, 2018

The Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court’s grant of judgment as a matter of law to Jay-Z and other defendants in an action brought by the heir to the Egyptian composer Baligh Hamdy, alleging copyright infringement in the song Khosara. Jay-Z used a sample from the arrangement in the background music to his single Big Pimpin’. The panel held that the heir to Hamdy’s copyright may not sue Jay-Z for infringement based solely on the fact that Egyptian law recognizes an inalienable “moral right” of the author to object to offensive uses of a copyrighted work. The panel held: (1) that Egyptian law recognizes a transferable economic right to prepare derivative works; (2) that the moral rights the heir retained by operation of Egyptian law were not enforceable in U.S. federal court; and (3) that, even if they were, the heir has not complied with the compensation requirement of Egyptian law, which did not provide for his requested money damages, and which provided for only injunctive relief from an Egyptian court. View “Fahmy v. Jay-Z” on Justia Law

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