Design Data Corp. v. Unigate Enterprise

Docket Number: 14-16701
Judge: Michael Daly Hawkins
Opinion Date: February 9, 2017

Design Data filed suit alleging that UE infringed the copyright on Design Data’s computer aided design (CAD) program by downloading an unauthorized copy of the program and importing and distributing within the United States program output generated by a Chinese contractor using an unauthorized copy of the program. The court affirmed the district court’s conclusion that the copyright protection afforded Design Data’s computer program does not, on these facts, extend to the program’s output; affirmed the district court’s decision to refuse Design Data a further opportunity to amend its complaint; reversed the district court as to its determination on summary judgment that UE’s download of Design Data’s SDS/2 program was a de minimis copyright violation; and remanded for further proceedings. View “Design Data Corp. v. Unigate Enterprise” on Justia Law

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