Dash v. Mayweather, Jr.

Docket Number: 12-1899
Judge: Davis
Opinion Date: September 26, 2013

Anthony Lawrence Dash filed suit against Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Mayweather Promotions, Mayweather Promotions LLC, Philthy Rich Records, Inc., and World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE), alleging that defendants violated his copyright by playing a variant of Dash’s copyrighted music during Mayweather’s entrance to two WWE events. On appeal, Dash challenged the district court’s grant of summary judgment and its denial of reconsideration with respect to his entitlement to actual and profit damages under the Copyright Act, 17 U.S.C. 504(b). The court found that an expert’s report’s, (the Einhorn Report) estimation of Dash’s lost licensing fee, without more, was too speculative to show that “a reasonable jury could return a verdict” in Dash’s favor on his actual damages claim, and therefore, summary judgment was appropriate; even if the Einhorn Report had suggested or even expressly concluded that the use of Dash’s beat at WWE events was of some value to defendants, summary judgment would still be appropriate because the evidence supporting such conclusion was overly speculative in light of the record before the court and, therefore, was insufficient to establish a genuine dispute regarding Dash’s actual damages; and the district court properly granted defendant summary judgment on Dash’s claim for profit damages because Dash provided the factfinder with no reasonable basis for concluding that the infringement contributed to defendants’ profits. Accordingly, the court affirmed the judgment of the district court. View “Dash v. Mayweather, Jr.” on Justia Law

View "Dash v. Mayweather, Jr." on Justia Law

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