Corbello v. Vallli

Docket Number: 17-16337
Judge: Marsha Siegel Berzon
Opinion Date: September 8, 2020

Four Seasons front man Frankie Valli and other defendants associated with Jersey Boys did not infringe Rex Woodard’s copyright in the autobiography of Tommy DeVito, now owned by Donna Corbello, Woodard’s surviving wife.

The Ninth Circuit affirmed the district court’s judgment, after a jury trial in favor of defendants, on the sole ground that Jersey Boys did not infringe DeVito’s biography, and so the panel did not reach the district court’s fair use rationale. The panel rests its decision primarily on the unremarkable proposition that facts, in and of themselves, may not form the basis for a copyright claim. In this case, each of the alleged similarities between the Play and the Work are based on historical facts, common phrases and scenes-a-faire, or elements that were treated as facts in the Work and are thus unprotected by copyright, even though now challenged as fictional. The panel explained that neither Valli nor the other defendants violated Corbello’s copyright by depicting in the Play events in their own lives that are also documented in the Work. Therefore, because the Play did not copy any protected elements of the Work, there was no copyright infringement. View “Corbello v. Vallli” on Justia Law

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