Compulife Software Inc. v. Newman

Docket Number: 18-12004
Judge: Newsom
Opinion Date: May 20, 2020

Compulife Software, which has developed and markets a computerized mechanism for calculating, organizing, and comparing life-insurance quotes, alleges that one of its competitors lied and hacked its way into Compulife’s system and stole its proprietary data. At issue was whether defendants crossed any legal lines—and, in particular, whether they infringed Compulife’s copyright or misappropriated its trade secrets, engaged in false advertising, or violated an anti-hacking statute.

The Eleventh Circuit vacated the judgment as to copyright infringement and trade-secret misappropriation, remanding for new findings of fact and conclusions of law. The court held that the magistrate judge committed errors of law and made insufficient findings, which tainted his conclusion that Compulife’s copyright was not infringed. The court also held that the magistrate judge erred in his analysis of trade-secret misappropriation, both by failing to consider the application of several species of misappropriation and by committing legal error. The court found no reversible error in the magistrate judge’s rejection of Compulife’s other claims, affirming the remainder of the judgment. View “Compulife Software Inc. v. Newman” on Justia Law

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