Capitol Records, Inc., et al v. Thomas-Rasset

Docket Number: 11-2820
Judge: Colloton
Opinion Date: September 11, 2012

This appeal arose from a dispute between several recording companies and defendant. Defendant willfully infringed copyrights of 24 sound recordings by engaging in file-sharing on the Internet. On appeal, the companies appealed the remedy ordered by the district court. The court concluded that the recording companies were entitled to the remedies they sought: damages of $222,000 and a broadened injunction that forbid defendant to make available sound recordings for distribution. But because the verdicts returned by the second and third juries were sufficient to justify these remedies, it was unnecessary for the court to consider the merits of the district court’s order granting a new trial after the first verdict. View “Capitol Records, Inc., et al v. Thomas-Rasset” on Justia Law

View "Capitol Records, Inc., et al v. Thomas-Rasset" on Justia Law

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