Batiste v. Lewis

Docket Number: 19-30400
Judge: Edith Brown Clement
Opinion Date: September 22, 2020

Paul Batiste, a local jazz musician, brought a copyright infringement action against the world-famous hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. After the district court found no evidence of copyrighting, it granted summary judgment for defendants and then ordered both Batiste and his attorney to pay defendants’ attorneys’ fees.

The Fifth Circuit held that the district court acted well within its discretion in denying Batiste’s motion for leave to supplement his summary-judgment opposition. The court also held that the district court correctly granted summary judgment for defendants on the copyright infringement claims where Batiste failed to produce evidence for a reasonable jury to infer that defendants had access to his music or to find striking similarities between his songs and those of defendants. Therefore, he cannot prove factual copying and his copyright claims fail. The court further held that, given the objective unreasonableness of Batiste’s claims, his history of litigation misconduct, and his pattern of filing overaggressive copyright actions, the district court did not abuse its discretion in awarding fees to defendants under the Copyright Act. Finally, the court lacked jurisdiction to review Batiste’s challenge to the district court’s decision to hold his attorney jointly and severally liable for the fee award as a sanction. View “Batiste v. Lewis” on Justia Law

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