ABS Entertainment, Inc. v. CBS Corp.

Docket Number: 16-55917
Judge: Linn
Opinion Date: August 20, 2018

The Ninth Circuit reversed the district court’s grant of summary judgment to CBS in an action alleging violation of state law copyrights owned by ABS in sound recordings originally fixed before 1972. The panel held that the district court erred in finding that there was no genuine issue of material fact about the copyright eligibility of remastered sound recordings distributed by CBS and improperly concluded that ABS’s state copyright interest in pre-1972 sound recordings embodied in the remastered sound recordings was preempted; the district court abused its discretion by excluding evidence of ABS’s expert and reports that evidenced CBS’s performance of ABS’s sound recordings in California, and granting partial summary judgment of no infringement with respect to the samples contained in those reports; and the district court’s strict application of its local rules with respect to the timeliness of ABS’s motion for class action certification was inconsistent with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and thus an abuse of discretion. The panel reversed the striking of class certification and remanded for further proceedings. View “ABS Entertainment, Inc. v. CBS Corp.” on Justia Law

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