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The Center for Internet and Society presents

Judith Finell
Invasion of the Tune Snatchers – Does Copyright Law Inhibit or Enhance Musical Creativity Today?

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Room 280A, Stanford Law School
Lunch will be served.

Music technology has radically changed the way in which music is composed, produced, performed, and obtained. Many artists openly utilize the works of others, often altering the core sonic characteristics of a sampled fragment. These developments pose new challenges to doctrines such as fair use, scenes a faire, and infringement criteria, such as access, transformative use, and prior art. Musicologist and expert witness Judith Finell will discuss these issues, and present musical examples from recent copyright cases.

Judith Finell is a musicologist who specializes in issues involving music as intellectual property. Her arena is the intersection of music, law, and technology. She formed her consulting firm Judith Finell Musicservices Inc. in New York over 20 years ago, to serve copyright and entertainment attorneys, and the music, entertainment, media, technology, and advertising industries. She has testified as an expert witness in many leading copyright cases throughout the country, and is a frequent guest speaker before attorney groups, law schools, and intellectual property organizations.

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