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Disability access comments due to Copyright Office Nov 13

Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry and Request for Comments on
the Topic of Facilitating Access to Copyrighted Works for the Blind or
Other Persons With Disabilities

The proposal would permit the cross-border import,
export and qualified distribution of copyrighted works in accessible
formats without the permission of the rights holders, including to
countries that presently lack, in their national laws, a specific
copyright exception or other legal framework for serving the visually
impaired. The proposal would also permit the circumvention of
technological protection measures for the purpose of making works

In particular, the Copyright Office and USPTO are interested in learning
about 1) how the treaty proposal would interact with existing U.S. law;
2) how the treaty proposal would interact with existing international
obligations of the U.S.; 3) the possible benefits of or concerns about
the treaty proposal, including with regard to the objectives of the
treaty proposal, how those objectives could lead to improved access for
the blind and visually impaired, and any concerns about the
implementation of the proposed treaty provisions in the U.S. or abroad;
and 4) other possible courses of action that would facilitate access by
“blind, visually impaired, and other reading disabled persons.”

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