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The Stanford University Libraries are pleased to announce that the full dataset for its Copyright Renewal Database is now available for download.

A link to the file is found on the CRD database website or download the dataset directly: http://collections.stanford .edu/copyrightrenewals/files /CopyrightRenewalRecords200804

Provision of the dataset is an additional service that we hope will be useful to those of you who are interested in setting up internal copyright search systems of your own. The web interface will remain the same for those of you who want to use it for occasional research.

The libraries continue to be asked about plans to expand our data set to include other classes of works. While we have not ruled it out, we do not have plans for such an effort at the moment. This is primarily a funding issue, but it is important to remember that for the book database we were able to leverage the extraordinary work of Project Gutenberg in transcribing the Catalog of Copyright Entry text. Since those transcriptions don’t exist for classes other than books, there is an additional layer of effort required to add additional data classes.

Mimi Calter
Special Projects Librarian and Intellectual Property Manager
Stanford University Libraries