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Welcome to the Fairly Used Blog

Welcome to our new blog at the Stanford Copyright and Fair Use site. We just added a number of RSS feeds to our CURRENT tabs. Featured cases are cases in the news that Justia has chosen to supply readers with the full text of district court filings. Readers can subscribe to updates on all the featured cases, or on inidivual cases.  Dockets are new filings in the district courts, categorized under “copyright” in the PACER system. Legislation is a list of pending legislation, listed by the Copyright Office and linked to, which shows current status of the legislation, and links to the legislation full text, news and blog posts when available. Regulations are Federal Register notices from the Copyright Office and the Copyright Royalty Board, LIbrary of Congress, collected by the Justia Regulation Tracker. Articles are primarily law review articles – coming from SSRN (search term “copyright”) and Tarleton Law Library Current Copyright Literature, and more sources may be added later.  News is a simple “copyright” keyword search using Google news for now, and Blogs are entries from hand selected blogs that are especially strong on copyright issues, from various viewpoints. 

Thanks, Nick, Dan, Vasu

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