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Supreme Court of Canada overrides forum clause in Facebook agreement

The Supreme Court of Canada has decided that a British Columbia privacy class action may proceed against Facebook in the courts of BC, despite the contract naming California as the forum for legal actions. My personal view is that in business to consumer contracts, if a court decides that a local la

Computer and Internet Updates for 2017-06-27

Evidence from search of computer excluded R. v Ricciardi, 2017 ONSC 3552 -> Principles for trials of design infringement in UK Spin Master v PMS [2017] EWHC 1477 -> EU fines Google billions for breaching antitrust rule

Covfefe ... the trade mark?!

The 'covfefe' tweetWhat's a 'covfefe'? Even The New York Times has posed this question, after US President Donald Trump used the word in one of his (regular) tweets. At least we know that the word is a wannabe trade mark, being subject to several trade mark applications (includin

Injunction available after claimed licence fees paid - PPL v JJPB

Should an injunction be granted when the licence fees which were the reason for a claim being issued have all been paid?  What about if further licence fee payments (incurred after the claim form was issued) have not been paid?Phonographic Performance Limited (or PPL) "licenses recorded music p

<div>Trademark application for the devil&amp;#039;s horn withdrawn</div>

Distinctive enough?Last week, the United States Patent and Trademark Office notified the withdrawal, by express abandonment, of Gene Simmons's trade mark application for the hand gesture known as the devil's horns. This application for the registration of the hand gesture was keenly followed by

Jo Johnson to continue as IP Minister

Jo Johnson - looking forwardto a lot of IP stakeholder engagementthis year From Kat friend, James Thomson at the UK's Intellectual Property Office, comes news that late last night it was confirmed that Jo Johnson will continue as Minister responsible for IP.   James's email states that:"Th